Agia Roumeli today

 It is a special and beautiful village, set on a small piece of land, on the edge of the shore of the Libyan Sea and the roots of the White Mountains. Its natural geographical position makes it a destination that combines the tranquility and relaxation of the sea and the wildness of the mountain. If holidays to you means relaxation, tranquility, fun and at the same time direct contact with the natural beauty then Agia Roumeli welcomes you! 
In our village you can swim, do snorkeling, walk through hiking trails and explore neighboring deserted beaches, or simply paddle on a canoe or a sup. You can choose among many hiking trails to enjoy your day, keep fit and refill your batteries. 
Agia Roumeli is a village with no road connection. It is daily connected with Sfakia, Loutro, Sougia and Paleochora with small ferry boats. This makes it even more unique! A village that makes cars look unnecessary. Guests who discover Agia Roumeli tend to come back again and again. Here, the sea is free, the mountains are unexplored and during the night, the stars seem innumerable.

Agia Roumeli is built on the ruins of ancient Tarra, a town that was known for its oracle and was destroyed by an earthquake in 66 AD. Tarra was a small but independent town, with its own currency that depicted the head of a wild goat and an arrow on one side and a bee on the other side. It was a great religious center, with many temples, including Apollo’s temple, that flourished during the Roman period. When the Romans found the temple of Vritomartis , protector of herds, they dedicated it to their goddess, Roumilia. As a result, when Christianity prevailed, the area was named St. Roumilia and later St. Roumeli.